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        0373-3680829 0373-3680295

          Xinxiang JinghongPrinting and Dyeing Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which targets at the development and production of flame-retardant, oil repellency, anti-static, and other special finishing fabrics as the main body, including dyeing and printing fabrics. The company is located in Xi

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        Strong technical force, complete detection means

        Maximum production capacity of 90 million meters, registered capital of $22.8 million now has gt-max loom Bigano 256 sets, special printing and dyeing production equipment 191 sets Professional and technical personnel 92 people, high, intermediate titles more than 30 people, is a collection of scientific research, production in one of the high-tech enterprises, and in 2009 passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification

        Pay attention to the innovation of dyeing and printing process, the development of green environmental protection printing and dyeing technology

        Company production of a minority of special commodity hair blue, blue red nation, minorities, color of the cloth and other products 17 million meters, achieved sales revenues of 11900 yuan, a 17.02 million yuan of profits and taxes The huge investment of human resources to expand the frontier civilian market, fostering the growth of national customer groups

        We use professional quality and professional technology to serve you every product we are strictly controlled

        Professional technical research and development team

        Advanced technical support

        Strong network sales system

        Regular quality assurance system

        Rigorous after-sales service system

        News Information

        Pay more attention to the upgrading of products
        Innovation is the eternal pursuit

        For more detail
        Main products of Jinghong are pure cotton, polyester/viscose Main products of Jinghong are pure cotton, polyest

          Xinxiang JinghongPrinting and Dyeing Co., Ltd isa high-tech enterprise which targets at the development and production

        Shingo Keiko printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.
        Linkman:Mr Fan   13503738106
        Linkman:Mr Meng   15836022223
        Linkman:Mr li   13903808599
        Tel:0373-3680829 0373-3680295
        Email:Raya Shen, hanyu880815@163.com
        Address:Industrial District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province